Lets rip into hypocrisy
I dont mean The Bible it's perfect
I mean our hypocrisy
Explain to me how you see vision of
Poles, strippers strip strip for you
And money falling from the trees
But you, claim its a sign from the heavens, heavens it's no more than a blindfold where you blinded by no more than blissful sinful sinster lusty lucrative lies that cloud your mind
You need to revise your visions before you revise your revisions on this television screen of yourself gain, self made image that you thought was a blessing but it's a honey glazed poison that sends you to your burning grave
I ain't perfect, and i definitely ain't a saint
But i been changed, changed to believe that there is no self gain
In a life, where all self gains lead to graves and grace will rise up before anyone game of twisted up lies, like the Bible says "Give your treasures away, leave no treasures on this earth because there are plenty in heaven", sounds more realistic then an ad on google or craiglist
And if you dont like how i think, thats a shame cause i rep 116 Romans 116 Im Unashamed, and if your ashamed to be around me, then swerve reverse and transverse to the path that quenches your thrist
I'm staying on that narrow path, too easy to fall but hard enough not to stir away to the abyss like other people comply and trip fall, whether they dive head first or not, they are damning themselves before the battle is lost, lost, correction i mean won, thats the correct definition of this battles finale, the final word of God and concluding the war, it is finished and so the war is won


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