Olympic Uber

The Uber was early

And more radiant than expected

From it rope ran

Into the setting sky’s Cerulean canvas

Tugging what I don’t know,

Inside the eco-friendly chariot

The driver’s debonair grin glanced back

Some mix of purity and wit incandescent,

Within, the very voice of glory landed on the ears

Triumphant, then was suddenly 

Soft ‘s Simone can sing

Indescribable melody 

Not like Timberlake or Lamar

Grossly halted then by a ringing, 

A hands-free call beyond familiar

Silver-tongued the Greek called hello

And Delphi answered:

Fortune the second of the second brings,

From the kings of New England

The Chiefs will take their rings

“No way,” he replied

Hanging up on the herald

And before I had a chance to speak

The Prius stopped rolling,

So I stepped out into the sunlight 

Around 11pm

5 stars for Apollo


This poem is about: 
Our world


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