A Motorcycle Named Cerberus

Flowers fill your hair,

the smell of pomegranates fills the air.

I don't know why you talk to me or give me the looks that you dare.


Your mother hates me, no one can blame her for that.

They think I tricked you, sweet girl, for who could love such a bat?


That smirk is infectious, with those eyes you're a sorcerous,

I'll give you a ride on my 'cycle named Cerberus.


Black leather jackets, they say I'm bad news,

Queen Bees should not mix with the gum on their shoe.


Honey drips from your lips, pomegranate lipstick leaves stains,

Maybe you're the bad one, who wants me in chains.


They're against us my love, but still, you're here daily,

My beautiful, sweet and darling Persephone.

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