The Sun Goddess: Mat Ga Trong

Mat Ga Trong,

the Sun Goddess of Vietnam.

Is now,

the most popular girl at school.

Her long black hair flowing freely against her back,

Her eyes filled with a flaming passion,

Her gentle smile shining luminously through the clouds.

The typical beautiful girl.

She strutted down through the hallway,

The scent of mangos and sunflower trails behind her

as the crowd of boys followed her,

begging for her attention,

or at least,

begging to hold her books.

All the other girls

looked at her way 

with jealousy and admiration.

She was perfect,

with no flaws in sight. 

Once school was over,

she went back to her old, broken-down house

with a petite barn filled with farm animals. 

She extended her arms out to her pet rooster,

embracing him with all of her love. 

She wore worn-out clothes,

her hair braided into pigtails,

her face was covered with mud.


she wasn't living a life full of riches,

love and warmth were more valuable.

That is why she was the most popular girl at school.

She held no hatred, greed or grudges,

she was happy, free, and wise. 

That is why she shines so brightly than anyone else. 


She was indeed,

the Sun Goddess of Vietnam.




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My country
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