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Practicing our prayers
Making our lives look great
Making sure we didn’t sin
So there would be nothing on to debate
coming on service on time
almost never been late
trying to smile to each other
While knowing inside we got hate
we keep on living
in our ugly looking crate
we see a new man in church
but we don’t wanna affiliate
we got our own homies
we are in the right plate
our position is kinda good
we got nothing to equate
we got nothing to compare to
we are living a life
dressing up all nice
eating with a spife
checking our facebook
every morning every night
if some people would have seen it
they would call it wildlife
today our problems are
"should I buy this coat or not?”
we are checking out chicks on
grading who is more hot
we’re making fun of humbleness
and laughing at kindness
we don’t notice it at all
but we’re giving ourselves blindness
I’m sorry your highness
I didn’t mean to get in your way
Sorry I didn’t notice
You’re in a bad mood today
Im not tryin to disappoint you all
I’m just trying to say
That in our Father’s eyes
We are just a piece clay
He can make someone rich
He can make someone poor
He can give a little less
He can give a little more
Well if you don’t have enough
Go ahead ask him for more
But please tell me
What are you asking him for
My friend had a dad
He was making enough
But he still wasn’t glad
So a moment came up
When he was like “ God
You better give me some money
I’ll give it to church and stuff like that”
Where is he right now?
Guess what, he is in Jail!
His family walked away
And his new house is on sale
God will never be made fun off
Even if he was a cupid
Just remember one only
Our God is not stupid

When battlefield 3 came out
How many people wanted to play it
The number is so big
It’s just too big for me to say it
I just noticed one thing
When a new bible comes out
People just think that another
Book just popped out
How can you
Even think like that
It doesn’t even matter
Where you buy it at
It’s still God’s word
He called it that
If you would know how it was made
You will fall face flat
We are always trying
To make everything better
I mean better for our selves
While giving ourselves fetter
Making it better
By changing what God has written
Changing all the rules
So our personality could of fit in
We don’t always find comfort
While being with God
We are trying to hide stuff
But he is just too broad
You see devil hates God
And he is trying to get us clawed
God is giving us courage
So we could have been fraud
God loves us
Just the way that we are
He knew that we would sin
And we would go pretty far
He knew he would be born
Under a bright star
and would be dyeing
from people who gave him scars
he knew he would die
from the creation that he had made
he made himself die
so we could have be saved
He felt a lot of pain
That was strait-up displayed
We can’t even imagine
How big is price that he paid
But he still loves us
Because we’re his creation
I think that for us
God has some kind of expectations
He lets us go to heaven
It’s our last destination
But what did we gave him back
We just gave him back frustration
We gave him hurt
He gave us none
We gave him pain
He gave us his son
We gave him death
He gave salvation from above
We gave him hate
He gave us his love

-DnA (Dead for sin And Alive for Christ)




Thank you for saying it. The cry of my heart is that we would all surrender and let ourselves be broken on the Rock that is higher than we are.

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