Modern Day Fairytale

Love letters, glass slippers, and the yearning for true love are no more,

instead replaced by Snapchat streaks, Instagram likes, and “gmorning” texts, 

it often seems like “love” is nothing more than a chore.


More consumed with the image of perfection,

showing off to friends and online followers,

selling a love-filled relationship when really each is more in love with their own reflection.


This sad new interpretation of relationships and love,

brainwashes teens into thinking that they are set for a wedding with doves.


Let us hop into a teleportation machine to see,

just how fairytales today should actually be. 


They would meet face-to-face,

not online through Tinder,

where he could hide that he is a nutcase.


After a “meet-cute”, as they call it,

they would go out on a real first date,

where he would make her laugh so hard she would have a fit.


Throw away the cell phones and the distracting screens,

go outside and learn about the other person,

if his favorite color is red, purple, or green. 


He would send her flowers at work,

she would give him endless kisses,

both of them falling in love, willing to go to each other at a moment’s knee-jerk.


After a couple of years,

they get married,

after loving each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, through good times and bad, and even some tears.


They live happily ever after,

and perhaps their story is too brief and romanticized,

but surely this is better than the online attention that teens today are after. 

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