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Relics of a past life, Displayed on a hidden shelf, Honorably collecting dust.
Few ran away from the death sentence. Rows and rows were filled with lost futures. Even the most brave shattered. Endless torment of fear, fear of what was behind the desolate jungle of hatred.
Sunset fades slowly from the sky. Massive blocks of polished stone list the nation's slain. "The Wall" looms stark and grim. An apologetic monument to men who died; in vain?
Money is given not earned, Dumpsters serve as restaurants, Fountains as bathtubs, Shoes are their tires, Makeshift shelters as home, No family but fellow brethren, And no dept because most already paid.
My brothers marched as one today They never saw it coming And I have never seen such pain Or so many people running   With dead set eyes and shaking hands, 
Stamped Denied.By: Fabiola Rios 
This is a special day because it's Veterans Day.We celebrate because certain people fought for the USA.Veterans put their lives on the line so that we can be free.Veterans are important to you and they're important to me.
Who told you it was over ? I'm in peace but can't stay sober When we meet , you greet the makeover How was the 300 day sleepover? Not so glad you asked, covered ass,burning trash My peers was in class
Dear deity of pure judgement,   I see something, and I am scared. I am pretty sure it is a monster. His eyes are dripping blood,
Dear Homeless Veteran, Don't give up, Keep it up. Just words Much easier said than done. Here's the thing though, They wouldn't be said if it weren't true. You can do it You have done it.
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
Memories of your brothers fallen, Memories of your comrades calling, The smoke rising high in the sky, The memories of people's lives.   The memory of violence without cause,
Not my fault, They say Not my fault that you could not make something of yourself, in a land that gives Everything... Not my fault...not my problem... Not my fault,  They say
Not my fault, They say Not my fault that you could not make something of yourself, in a land that gives Everything... Not my fault...not my problem... Not my fault,  They say
America the beautifulIt's a privilege to beIt's all because of the people overseasWho died so we could be free
One day I knew that I would be here Fighting for what is right so that you might be near To the family that you do so cherish Because of you, I could very well parish. I do this with love
When I was seventeen, the world fell apart. I’ve never seen anything like this before, Men falling down left and right in the trenches,
We are praised for being independent, strong willed, and educated But when we rise to fight for the rights of others, told: “Don’t go burning your bra”
cold hard concrete and nothing but the clothes  on your back  for a mother   your wits keep you alive because  you've outgrown  couchsurfing; the shelters are full
Over where the family sits and enjoys the company they share;Sweet melodies are sung by flowers of the past:the horrors that happened there.Unknowingly they carry on-not one asks what occurred.
I was adopted the same day my eyes peeled Open to the world  My birth mother cried tears of joy onto my head My new parents took me that night  And I meet with my birth mother regularly
He knew nothing but his home, and his home was the land. It raised, clothed and fed him, and he unto it. He was a piece of the whole, like a finger to the hand. It was vast, extending from each horizon, it was infinite.
All I need is love as trembles track through time. Clairvoyant charisma creeps between petite and elongated structures. As if the trembles and clairvoyance
I And I see them When I least expect it On visiting the VA, One might be wearing a cap  Saying Vietnam Veteran.   II Yes, I see them!  
Sometimes in life, we find ourselves down It seems like nothing will help, not a thing will turn around I've felt this way before, it's not a new feeling But over the summer, I had an awesome experience
Darkness falls upon my face, As I walk I leave no trace My mind is glazed but awake I know my life is at stake I take one look to my right As a sailor clutches his gun tight Steadily we advance
I once saw a veteran, coming down from his truck to his wheelchair, stumble out of his door. On the hot parking lot ground, he layed, unresponsive to my concerns. I ran to my dad, pleading for him to come over to help him.
Thank you for fighting for me For our beautiful country I wouldn't be who I am today without you I know you had to see some really bad things But daddy You're my everything You fought during the war
I hear the battle cry Sounding In the distance. Or is it The crying Of the Solider Marching to Their death. Do they see It coming Do they know
Lights sparkling, snow falling. Family's laughing, cookies baking. Stories being told, gifts being wrapped. Socks and slippers. Chilli and soup. These are a few of my favorite things.  
We'll always remember our youth, our careless and reckless acts. We'll always remember our childish loves,
Bang, bang You hear their shots being fired  It's only a matter of time now Before the whole place is covered Your friend lies there in pain Will you soon be doing the same?
Survivors who have stood so strong And who fought for our freedoms Lose sight of how much they're loved And how much they have done.   Brothers, sisters, family, friends,
I had a dream about my daughter last night, where could she be?The choices that her mother had made were not up to me.She was snatched from my life in the middle of the night.
Hungry on the streets
To you an American Soldier, so brave, considerate, and exceptional too. This poem here is in great honor to you.
I am pure, I am clean, I can be put together with anything. I am the only way to go, im the path to the sun behind the door. I am away from the night, i am that bright light.
They brave all danger, They master all fear, When they enter the land of a stranger, They all have a noble code to which they must adhere. But how do they feel….. When stare into the face of Death?
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
Thank you I Love you I've grown up because of you Do you remember me? I remember you   We've met.... No not face to face Not even word to word But I know you, I lived with you
I wish you had told me sooner That you would be leaving me I know you have your duties but I Your daughter Deserved a say in the matter I watch the news I see the deaths
oh soldier, do you cry at night?
Particles colliding with one another, Molecules competing for food, Stars devouring eachother, These are warriors. Plants taking over territory, Rats fighting over crumbs,
My Darling,I miss you...something terribleWe sit here and wait Its unbearableBut my heart's with you and our daughterThinking how I can't wait...Can't wait to be a father!I sing to myself at night
Blood is red My outlook is blue Your veteran dread Makes my rift with you.   To any professor that has made my time on the GI Bil living hell.
Some things were left a mystery,Wounds were placed in hearts,As they waved to the departs,From 13 colonies to 50 states,They strived not knowing their fates,Families and friends waited in toil,As blood and tears fertilized the soil,Oceans to ocean
Somewhere in the darkness A former soldier, if such a thing Woke to glacier sweat sheets around him   A slight girl pressed against his bedside--
He stands tall and strong Was in battle for so long Kept family and friends in his heart Whom wept at the sight of his depart   Even when the news was rough He was always calm and tough
My life in the military is not so grand  even though it has its days I am Honored to defend my land I yonder to be where my family stays while I lay my life for you
When im alone at homeI don't really know what to doBut all I want is to beWith you As I walk outsideIts cold and dark out hereI remember you so greatlyBut without you im so scared
A veteran stands strong and tall, They’ve risked their life, their friends, their all.   Some people may not agree with the war
There are many who live to love, There are many who live to be loved, There are those who sacrifice their lives so that we may live.  It is a joy to watch you stand proud near the flag. It is a pleasure to support you from across the land.
They asked him what he wanted to be When he grew up and he said, “Not a fireman or a police patroller, no, Not a scientist or an astronaut…  I want to be superman and Save the world.” 
Pace my life, but I’m never going slow, if it’s not one thing, it’s another , can’t keep my problems in control, dreams as children to grow up and get a million and spend it all in front  of the county building.
There is no one in this planet that got attension besides you. it may have taken me a moment, but now i finally realize that loding you would take my heart and tear it all apart
Ladies And Gentlemen Boys And Girls BROTHERS AND SISTERS !Please Gather Around To Hear A Few Words From Your Little Big Brother For I Would Like To Enlighten YOU !
Kin has served World War I till now, On the battlefield for that single vow, freedom. Mundane citizens as you and I, Sign their names and legacy in the sky. Camouflaged to defend their home,
As the smoke danced around the muzzle of my thoughts My eyes were opened to behold the dismay before me And as the souls ran, yet all for not I quivered in fear at the thought of their eternity  
There is no deeper struggle in life, than the fight for you to keep on living Cancer is one of the biggest fights, something you can't escape. Towards something so harmful and consuming,
I don't want to leave, yet But I can't stay I can see you crying, Tears fall down your face. Just remember I will come back home, that is a promise that I will not break.
Writing Freedom of Mind and Soul Without it I am caged  I am silent I am nothing With it  I have power I have strength I have leverage I have Life
The life of a soldier. Trillions are said to die each year. Yet billions of men and women gear up for combat each day. Fighting for the American soil; as well as the American people.
So much dependsupon his broad and freckledshoulders still and at silentattention next to red, white, andblue.
Step forward you are selected machine gun madness ears are affected your time and service yet not rejected keep moving forward construct build erected
Dressed in black, a veil over her face, a new flag over the coffin of her husband. She was left alone with a bitter taste, a flag, and a useless wedding band. They had married, in love, with haste,
Song of an Unknown Hero The war, it seems has waged its toll on me there is no sound I'd rather hear than quiet peace but only the Fates will tell when it's undone until then I will just sing this simple mortal song
And such was the day, that America died, when those who had served, fell, and protected were shunned by those who they had defended..
They walk among us unknown, Despite the courage they have shown, And we let this pass. They fought tooth and nail, To protect the flag we hail And we let this pass.
There it is, in their eyes When they look up into the once torn skies They see what we hope to never see Lurking in shadows but praised with pleas Battle torn fields and red smoke filed nights
Black gabbro glints in the sun The thousands of names forever immortalized Or so it should seem Yet too easily it is forgotten The true toil of those who fought
The gentle rocking of a heavy metal coffin rocks her to sleep Instead of the pleasant beat of her child’s heart.
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