What Were They Fighting For?

Bang, bang

You hear their shots being fired 

It's only a matter of time now

Before the whole place is covered

Your friend lies there in pain

Will you soon be doing the same?

You pray to God you both make it out alive

To see that soil again with your own eyes

You pick your head up

Remembering the folks back home

In the land of the free and the home of the brave

You wish in this moment that you could have stayed 

It's your duty, your honor

To serve your country

And you hope to come home

As a hero back to your family

Growing up it all seemed so easy

They went

They came back

Parades in their honor

and colors lighting up the night sky

But what was that moment of silence for again?

Our fallen soldiers

The ones we celebrate for

Is it really worth so many lives?

These wars that have taken so many of our kin?

They kept us safe for what in return?

To come home bloody and burned

To a society that hated them for their protection

For following orders

For trying to do what they deamed right

But it didn't help their plight

Many of them are gone now

Those courageous soldiers of Vietnam            

The ones who fought for our freedom

And recieved mostly rejection

I tip my hat to you, brave soldiers

For coming home when the war was over

Some people didn't know it then

And may not know it now

That our soldiers fought brave and true 

For the red, the white, and the blue


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