The Fight


There is no deeper struggle in life, than the fight for you to keep on living

Cancer is one of the biggest fights, something you can't escape.

Towards something so harmful and consuming,

Laughter, tears, happiness, all turning into hate.


A soldier fighting for his country, a risk that's worth taking,

Many men come back tonight, they cry and continue shaking.

Wifes that get that horrid call, daddy can't come home tomorrow,

Trying hard to avoid that fall, and drowning themselves in sorrow.


A divorced woman who tried to make it right,

Young kids who loved their parents badly.

The man who never lost a fight. 

A battle for the family, had ended very sadly.


The world works in a mysterious way,

So many people challenge a battle, and have a price to pay.

Although the thought of happiness may have gone away,

Tomorrow is always another day.


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