My Darling,I miss you...

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 22:40 -- CABlack

My Darling,

I miss you...something terrible
We sit here and wait Its unbearable
But my heart's with you and our daughter
Thinking how I can't wait...
Can't wait to be a father!
I sing to myself at night
Sometimes a lullaby
Get my mind off the fight
I think of us and how we met
My pals and I playing cards...
I made a bet:
The first girl I see walking down the street
Will be my wife
If I lay down fifteen
Well my love as you can tell
You were my number
For my soul I decided to sell
Baby, we're moving out
Please be safe...
In the end I'll give you a shout
Our lives will be a new
So for now I'll have to say
I love....


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