Pace my life, but I’m never going slow, if it’s not one thing, it’s another , can’t keep my problems in control, dreams as children to grow up and get a million and spend it all in front  of the county building. From pork and beans under this dry rotted ceiling , maybe to a silver plate in 5 star building, I keep thinking on how I made it this far, past of a villain. So I stay quiet and humble and let these profound words tell my feelings, my pain, my life, and thoughts. Astound minds in this oval office, president in my lifeline, a rebellious spirit, so I will never resign in my lifetime. Politicians dissing the young, black, and gifted, so when you talk I never pay attention…You got it bad, like that Usher song, say you’re a leader but can’t even right your wrongs, so, I write these poems and make these musical chords, to tell truth to people, and how your stolid words to me, are like shrieks on a chalkboard, sad this country can’t be on one Accord like a big family with one car…These frauds are being stored in this world as heroes, but frequently look like Hannibal Lectors, but… I applause to your … I’m a son of God, not a man of deception, but no matter how many repetitions…Im not a fraction of frangible from your conception of deceit…HiiiPower


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