A Life Changing Summer

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves down

It seems like nothing will help, not a thing will turn around

I've felt this way before, it's not a new feeling

But over the summer, I had an awesome experience

And boy, was it quite revealing


I learned a lot about myself, things I never thought was possible 

I got to work with veterans, now my honor for them is unstoppable

Interning for the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Seeing people with unlimited bravery

The whole entire experience brought me to tears


Not the tears that we cry when we're frustrated or sad

But tears of joy, connecting to these men like your dad

The women are not forgotten, for they have also served

My respect for them has grown

And it is all that they deserve 


Now this scholarship is important, not just for the money

I want to give back to the veterans who have served our country

To come back one day and show them all of my success

Show them they are awesome

And with a college education, they will definitely be impressed

This poem is about: 
My country


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