American Soldier

To you an American Soldier,

so brave, considerate, and exceptional too.

This poem here is in great honor to you.


These colors couldn't be more true,

and they represent you in some kind of way.

Red, White, and Blue.

Here's what they have to say.


Red is for the blood you shed,

while I was here being free.

You were being torn up, bruised, battered,

and wounded just for me.


White represents pure,

like the heart that you obtain.

That bright heart of yours is what helps America remain.


And blue is for the grief you've held deep down inside.

Thinking of your loved ones on those dark, cold and lonely nigts.


You are so wiling to go through all that stress,

I bless you for your hard work,

and would show you nothing less.


Never lose hope for what you are doing,

Not every one can handle such job,

And not everyone can be so true.

That's why I appreciate having some one like you.

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