no one compared to you


There is no one in this planet

that got attension besides you.

it may have taken me a moment,

but now i finally realize

that loding you would take my heart

and tear it all apart

but sopping it there would be the end.

There wouldnt be another start

i hope right now along with me

you will say these 3 words, too

you are the greatest person i have ever met

and princess, I LOVE YOU

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Just a few lines read from a poem can brighten someone's day- I'm sure that the person whom you wrote this one for was super happy to hear it! I really like the lines "Loving you would take my heart / and tear it all apart" because you write about how much of an impact one person can have on another. Keep writing! Have you ever written a haiku? Check out how and more in the Resources section.

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