Thank You

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 01:40 -- Dicey

Thank you

I Love you

I've grown up because of you

Do you remember me?

I remember you


We've met....

No not face to face

Not even word to word

But I know you, I lived with you

Did I go to war?


But I know you


You're my dad

My brothers in all but blood

My uncles

My grandparents 

The women who taught me how to fight

The ones who've waited on the other side night by night

The list only continues to go on

The people I've grown up surrounded by

Who have taught me how to live my life


Thank you

For the freedom to be

Just a kid

Just a doctor

Just me

I don't know how we ever got so lucky

To have people like you

You protect those from one month to infinity

Because of you we are free

But I know you gave up things to be

The men and women we honor 

Who we see as heroes even though you may deny it vehemently 


I know because

I know you

To me you are so many people

The dad who could never run with me but coached all the same

The boy I grew up with who lost his own life

My uncle whose ears still ring with the pain

My grandparents who taught me how to live strong and right

The women who taught me a punch is just as strong as holding a firm word in a fight

The husbands and wives who have shown me how much patience and love can prevail

This is my community

This is my family

It takes a village to raise a child

Now I'm older and finally understand 

The lessons they have taught me have transformed a girl to a young woman

I can't thank you, love you, remember you enough


I'll still be that little girl who lives at the end of the street

And knows what others can't see

The one says thank for each little thing

Because that's how I was raised  and how I'll stay

I will be the one who bakes cookies on valentines day just to give them a way

A token of love returned for what I can't comprehend but know you've done

The one who on graduation day says thank you for those who helped her find her way

The ones who helped me learn right from wrong and remain standing strong

The one who will see your face in a crowd and never forget

The words of wisdom, hope, love, and sacrifice that you gift

The woman who every May will go to the grave

Of her brother in all but blood and leave a white lily on his grave








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