Military Wife

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 23:52 -- M.C.


United States
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Dressed in black, a veil over her face,
a new flag over the coffin of her husband.
She was left alone with a bitter taste,
a flag, and a useless wedding band.
They had married, in love, with haste,
so sure he would not end up like his friend.
It seemed now like such a waste,
A bright life gone, a marriage having come to an end.

She would never love again, she knew,
For he had come and he had gone,
Dedicating life to the flag that flew,
Knowing Taps could be his death song.
She felt so alone, so broken, so blue,
Her husband had died trying to fix all wrongs.
She wondered why him? She had no clue,
Why his life could not be long.

We do not always find these answers in life,
Because there are no answers, no reason, no rhyme,
For the fact that we must suffer such strife.
We like to think we go when it is time,
But the truth is known to every military wife:
The taking of a loved one is a most awful crime.
Praying to God, with a pain so ripe,
To send her anything to serve as a sign,
That he is in Heaven, that he is alright.


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