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Dear Love, Do you know what you do? You're crooked You're crazy You're the most beautiful lie ever told "I love you" is warmth and sunshine and warm honey but
Dear you, I hate you I hate you so much it hurts You fight with me all the time, You make me feel like a bad person I cry myself to sleep most nights
Long Gone Maleek Mayers   Our love is in the past, I knew it would never last...   You fooled me with your alluring looks,
 I fell in something I thought was love But what we had felt nothing like the “love” I've heard of  What we had started destroying the best parts of me And as I continue falling, my light will continue fading Losing the light that I thought you wo
Dear Love, you were the calm before the storm, you were the topping on a cake I knew I wouldn't like, but I ate it anyway. You were the thorn in my side and all the wrongdoings I've ever done.
1. i know that you’ll pass algebra one day. scribbles of exponents and variables line the pages of your sketchbook and something always seems to be left behind when you sling your bag over your shoulder and walk away.  
  Have you ever felt a tear fall lovely It’s gorgeous  More than dying to a everlasting piano chord or holding pinkies Your flowers bloomed in my mood I’m your florist My throat grows sore
For 2 years and 6 months, it seemed to me i had a healthy, loving relationship. Almost three years is a long time, but quicker than i wanted, i found out i was wrong. 
You can’t hold me. Don’t drag me down My soul is on fire And I can’t hear the sound Of your fears If it’s simpler for you to be a liar
I gave you the stale taste of my sin You took it in like heaven Almost made me believe You were my novocaine But no No, you were a lovers heroin A cigarette of betrayal And Aphrodite's pills 
I want to fall in love. And maybe at 17 believing in love is asinine because love is arsenic and it'll poison me faster than I'll be able to choke out the words "I love you."  
Boys be comin around Trying to get some Act like they have an anaconda Bitch please you can't fit in a condom You're playing these head games
I don’t know why I panic so much My head gets heavy and I just feel crushed Tons of pounds fall on me, as I fall down Desperately trying to hold up, but I just hit the ground. With a thud. It hurts.
I know it's best for my heart to try and keep from falling apart but sometimes trying is worse than crying, releasing pent up emotions and constantly lying
Your name is only whispered in the dark, but I'm not lonely.   Every hello is an unfinished love letter to you, but I'm not lonely.   I spend every sunset without you, 
He told me to be braver So I did him a favor   Saved him some sleep While I ran down that one street   In the middle of the night Why couldn't he walk me home tonight  
If the looks I gave her were illegal, Surely i'd have a life sentence. I'd be locked away forever like my heart inside my ribcage,
He came running back to her, but it was too late. She picked herself up, she ran to safety.  He was the epitome of her hurt. She bled out her heart to him, but he left her empty, in the dark, abandoned.
1. I wish I could fly freely over to you. Without having to worry about the departure of my heart. The take off of my mind.  The blast off of our fondest memories.   
Change. You wanted me to change. I tried to work on my issues so that you would be happy.  You never loved my flaws, Never loved me for who I was.. Even when you said you did.   Love.
It hurts, walking through your hometown. You'll be innocently walking by a tree and on approaching it see your initials with his, wrapped up in a now faded love heart.
Darling bandaids can´t fix broken hearts but you come with a bandaid anyways for it is I you can´t forget and then you hand it to me I remember you said I´m sorry for everything I did
I bleed the happiness from my soul, Addiction to exile is taking its toil. Remorse without pity, And neglect to the sickly. Purge away my love for you. Before I die of heartache,
Knight Hawk gazed at the falling leaves The brown folly they had become His heart sunk within his chest As he looked out the window high Above the freezing ground whereby
17 years.  I had been asleep for 17 years.  Lost in a world of dreams, hopes, and aspirations, I forgot that i was a teenage girl, almost out of high school, with no "teenage girl in high school" experiences. 
"She is not the one". Words, like swords cut people deep. Her love died, bleeding.
Sonnet for a Love that Once Was   I gazed into your eyes and saw my world. My love, my friend, someone to make me feel, When constantly with her my own mind swirled.
Go, call me stupid one more time Promise I won't cry, promise I won't lie to you Come on, show me everything that you've got Sticks and stones won't break my bones They're just fuel for my heart  
I. January to June - In Sickness and Health She.She was my bravery,a touch to my soulconsoling the acheof being rejectedwithout the truth everbeing told.
I guess we'll meet in time As I lay a flower on your windowsill I hold on to these dear drams of mine Only time can tell, hold us still   Been meaning to write back But i never got the chance
This is what heartbreak looks like.  It is the soliloquies you wrote to him at midnight while crying  It is the formality, a smile, and the absence of warmth 
    Lonely traveler, you must understand that you cannot stay here with me.
i hate you because of the way that you treated me i hate that i couldn’t be loved like she is loved by you
my heart beats with the thunderI fall away this afternoonmy betrayal permeates my mindI think of leaving soonA year has passedI've gone my way with strange freedomI feel forever and a day
In this gloomy afternoon,A young man on his way home.Called by a familiar voice which gave him boon.A head was turned by a young man named Jerome.
Come for me Come for me, it's okay I've saved all I got for you When you hurt me, it's alright But when you need me, I'm by your side I was hoping you were coming soon
with you it's like i'm in another world because of the feeling of adrenaline i get  from all of those subtle moments that i do not regret   but then i remember we're just friends
I've always longed for love To love, and to be loved Even in my hopeless romantic state It always seemed I've only ever had one of the options Then I gave my all I felt both loved and loving
I was taught how to love but not how to stop. I was taught how to dream but only round the clock.  I was taught how to eat but not how to be petite.  I was taught manners but not the standards.
Rose petals of shame its not the same. I sit there and smile. Try not to cave in his style. I've seem to be sown on by a needle so thin I can't feel the seems.  I am not sure why I am stuck in this circle, 
‘maybe it was my fault for falling in love with your words instead of your eyes. maybe that is why i am crying at 4 am’ because i loved you
we are icicles ready to be shattered and puddles already melted the way the hero’s journey is always bound to winter.  
What have I done? Who have I become? This isn't the person you are. Please come back. I miss you so much please tell me I have not committed the greatest sin unto thyself. Because if I had, I deserve not to be here no longer.
May her first love be much more sincere. May she choose a boy - Who loved her in the same capacity. May he be kind. May he hold her hand. May he buy her a Christmas gift. She had deserved better.
Whether it is love or friendship I do not know But you could describe all of the beauty you see in her. You could describe the "good" with the words of the gods.
As I walk this path called life I have had many hills, mountains, and valleys. Thru this walk of life I have learned many things. I have learned pain from every angle of my walk.
I could look at our old letters and miss When love swept me into perfection, or insanity -  Whatever it is, I have felt Lost without you for three years.    And it hurts to say so, because, of course
YOU AND ME I wanted to choose the path,With my better half.But sadly you couldn't see.That all I wanted,was for You to be with Me.   ~Linus.A.    
I see you through a shop glass I guess we start here Take you out to fancy dinners Spin you around in that red sequin dress Read you my favorite stories Meet my parents they’ll love you
Was my heart meant to be broken? Because this time I don't think I can make it. I continuously fake a smile, when I see you with him.
I fell in love with a boy Who never loved me And I knew that But I did not leave Time it would take For a heart to love When it never had loved before   I fell in love with a boy
The Rose A man, about my age known for giving out roses, Every girl carries the flashy red flower, waving, and flaunting it as if it would show importance
i think we loved each other mostly because it wasn’t supposed to happen. we thought we were stealing our lives from the hands of fate.  
Lacy brasLounging brasLace on top of skinCaressing the kissesAnd the bruisesThat your lover made
As I reminisce about the past we shared, I think about our love for which I cared, I think about the words you said were true, “I can't help but fall over and over again for you.”
In a heartbeat, I am running towards youHolding you, kissing you, caressing you The chemistry between us is more than explainable
    She walks.They whisper.She knows not of what they speak of.But of what they hear time and time again.
It's true  the moment that immediately follows waking up is filled with pure ignorance  In that moment all worries are forgotten  And it is in that moment between sleep and full conscientiousness 
While you weren't here I cried every nightSlowly slipping away out of sight.No one knew and no one cared.I just sat here alone and scared.You broke my heart and changed my life
What's love? Is love just an emotion Maybe just an action, a physical attraction A spiritual connection maybe just a fraction Does it have a direction we can walk into with passion?
It all ends before it can even begin When they're too busy caught up in their own sin This is why some people never seem to win It's all too hard to play It's love Most people consider it a game
I have finally caught the birdI put it away in a cage,A cage that is crimson redSo I may never forget it’s there.
What were my words like, how did they sound, and how did they read before you?
my brain just hearts because its bearing all the pain my heart cant stand any longer it takes care of the heart by feeding it lies while
I open my mouth with words ready to express All that escapes are jagged chokes that fade into the atmosphere. She verbally slaps me with those same chokes He glares at me with his once warm eyes.
You insatiable Unquenchable Cold Harlem in the rain Earthquake, the second and third shock waves, shock wave
My heart is an ocean; most wade near the shore, barely passing the sandbar. Although there has been one brave swimmer, she had created tsunami waves that tore up my innards,
I don't always find the right words to match the situation.  So I let it mellow away instead of fighting devestation. The more I try the more it backfires on me. So do I leave or do I stay and make you cry?
In the dark I lie awake  hoping , praying for our sake I told you all that I felt  And all I got was a painful welp  I felt my heart leave my chest  Never for me to find love's  rest 
I stroll among the hymn of the stars That open the gate to heaven The moon sings a beautiful song That shall be sung forever
As I wait for the rain To wash me clean I lean on my car And I start to daydream.   I dream of Jenny My beautiful wife How her deep blue eyes No longer held life  
I told you I loved the passion that could be found in the color red. I told you if I was ever lost you could find me in novels or lines of poetry.
It's gone for life, yet it still tortures you, like a lost puppy, there's no place to go. Unable to tell what's false and what's true. Your mind under sea level, sinking low.
Excuse me, as I  bring something different to the table .. Talking about this emotion that sometimes has no label, It affects everyone in this room in different stages , ages , phases ..It’s strong as a candle light , ignited in the middle of the
Narrow is the passage that leads to your heart, And as I search for your love, I never come close nor am I ever good enough to have it,
They say it is what it is, And it was what is was, Past or present, now she is rust, Reminiscent on memories that hold no meaning,
A knight shrouded in dark blue, her soul set on saving the one she loves. The eyes you see through the helmet... the ones filled with exiled hate turned to love. Broken and stupid dreams cast away,
swallow me up into your fearsome, roaring billows submerge me in your bitter waters i will succumb to your force of gravity swirling around in your sea like a grain of salt  
I fear a lot of things. I fear most anything. Yes, you know I'm scared. I'm scared of mirrors, scared of blood. Most of all I'm scared of you. This fear is like an addiction.
One night we sat out by the rez. Next to the park behind my old house. He held my hand and so awkwardly looked around. However he stared. His dark brown eyes, That I fell hard for, softly stared at me.
No one prepared me for the emptiness that would wrap itself around my body, sometimes so strong that getting out of bed was nearly impossible.
Nothing burns worse than the feeling as though you're not loved and I'm sorry I'm not a male model with an 8 pack, 
So if i'm stranded on a deserted island I'd take her . Her name is Alyssa Christine Woody. 
I am being affected by the unknown My heart's sinking like a stone An ailment I cannot explain I am being consumed by a faceless pain
  Midnight terrors  I experienced it all on my own  Waiting for acknowledgement  Till Every bit of my existence seized to exist.  I still love that him though.. I can't even explain that shit 
In the darkest tunnel full a despair a bit of light shined through  And in walked you ...  My savior  When no body else could you did  Took every blow Every hit  Cause I ain't feel nothing back than 
She felt a knocking on her chest and discovered something new : her broken heart  A beautiful creation of the universe : a work of art  But she became disoriented in her own canvas Indulged in flames she could not put out 
If only you'd known how I looked at you When you turned your Head from me   If I could recount All the times I mouthed
What's really annoying me is hearing the voice of you,   You speak to me and I speak to you , but then we ignore eachother   Like we always do, which makes it quite irritable  
For what I fearI put all that I wanted down I cannot move forwardAnd can no longer returnImpassive rustTo be something elseThat I never was Life should've been the one thing grantedBut now I hate myselfFor what I will not do Left all aloneThe worl
its okay if im not the girl of your dreams or the one you dance with at prom i just want to be the girl youre thinking about 20 years from now when you're naging your wife because
Fondness, tenderness, warmth, attachment, endearment, love. Dolor, agony, distress, sadness, ruth, heartbreak. Two things so similar so oddly close. They do not seem similar. Not in the slightest.
Dear me, Dear me Be weary, aware Not care so much stay out a little later Let the smooth night cover your blush let the stars whisper happiness and the wind hold your hand Dear me, Dear me
Dear                 , You should know just how unplanned it all was.   I never meant to grow with you                      to befriend you                      to miss you
When midnight dream, in love each-other, walking, romance,one day head on arm to hold head to make relax,
It starts as a nervous flutter in the pits of your stomach. A phone number dialed and then a call button never hit. Lingering glances over your shoulder into the hazel eyes that won't release your
Now I have been stranded and alone In an empty world with no shelter, just rain and cold Food, Water can not satisfy my needs For it is you upon which my body feeds My brain is searching for a route to you
What do you see when you look in my eyes?A hopless girl with too much to hide? \No! That's not all I am.I can stand tall, I will not fall. I can love with all my might.I will not cry at night,
Damaged girl I am the girl that has experiences The damaged girl that seems to get nothing right  Failure of many The damaged that has been destroyed by her past The girl that is holding onto thin thread  I am the damaged girl that carries to many
You made me love you Just to hurt me in the end You made me laugh Just to make me cry again. You saved me from myself Then ended up throwing me off the cliff. You lied and told me you loved me
Looking to the past I see how its making me out to be the best possible me I could hope to be, but in the same regard I see what its done to my heart... a warm and open source turned into a safeguarded piece of art....
Sometimes fear gets the best of me Expecting the unexpected is hard And it’s hard to speak out about it
Some love can taste like the finest wine I know it's wrong, but it's the most sweetest crime That I've overdosed on...
You're distant Looking through a telescope Love, lust or was it hope A lie covered in smoke I guess I'll never ever know the person I met before Although someone I love to death
Took another step lower As always trying to find that empty comfort What is he looking at, through those dust covered shades? The trees grow heavy with color and so does his heart
   A three piece puzzle never fitsUnless you have the felicitous bits Do not fear death with enclosed bars Welcome him with open arms  In the end, you won't go solo  So live a happy life because you know yolo
What do people mean by love? its just a word Theres a lot of songs,feelings to show ,what love is or feels like or can be. What does love represent? as curious as ill always be.what does love benefit?
It seemed so smart, At least at the time, To spill out my heart Through writing with no rhyme. Of all the stupid things to do, I gave that little note to you.  
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