Oceanic Heart

My heart is an ocean;

most wade near the shore, barely passing the sandbar.

Although there has been one brave swimmer, she had created tsunami waves that tore up my innards,

leaving a gaping precipice that left others lost;

most running to save their lives and to avoid sharks that have grown to live in my darkest depths. 

Crashing on the shore constantly, I search for someone to take in.

The winds rush past bystander’s ears, and the hushed whisper of my love remains unheard.

No one dares to swim any farther than where they can see the bottom,

because if they tried, they fear the sky would open up and tidal waves would crash down upon them,

drowning all hope I once had of anyone.

I’ve learned to be used to the rough waves and isolated water,

but with each day it becomes harder to live without someone to swim through my life with.

My heart is the ocean, vast and deep with human emotion.

There are days when it is dark, and there are days when it is light.

The depths are dangerous, but so is loving me.

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