I Feel Sorry For You

As I reminisce about the past we shared,

I think about our love for which I cared,

I think about the words you said were true,

“I can't help but fall over and over again for you.”

I guess you could if you left me like this broken down,

And every breath makes me feel like I might just drown.

Maybe it would be better if I really did go under.

Why did you lie saying, “we are like lightning and thunder”?

You are the worst kind of thief that ever existed

You exploited my love and gave it back twisted.

But you know what? I'll get back up on my feet.

My heart will drown in tears as I see couples on my street.

But you? You really are a sorry lot.

For I will mend my broken step in time, while you will not.

I'll find someone with whom I will be complete forever more,

And you'll be sorry as you envy the heart you once tore.

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