These Boys

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 15:17 -- gsull

Boys be comin around

Trying to get some

Act like they have an anaconda

Bitch please you can't fit in a condom

You're playing these head games

Telling me how beautiful I look

Just to get some head game

You're doing it straight out of a textbook

Take a look

At what you're missing

Do you know you're dissing

For someone who's barely 5’9

You're acting like you're Hella fine

You're demeanor is so suave

But could you be a bit cleaner?

This isn't the 70s

Time to get rid of the bush

You Trying to get my rosebush

Even if you got lucky

It'd get kinda ugly

I doubt you'd last longer

than a champagne bottle

Are you ok?

You're looking like pasty

Almost like you were too hasty bein’ thirsty


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