Broke up.

I don’t know why I panic so much

My head gets heavy and I just feel crushed

Tons of pounds fall on me, as I fall down

Desperately trying to hold up, but I just hit the ground.

With a thud. It hurts.

I’m on my knees, I beg for help

Don’t receive it so I hurt myself

And it hurts but it’s true, cause I’m feeling alive

And I know that life’s not a lie

It’s hell. I know.

But what can you do, when your life doesn’t seem yours

And you push away the things that are close to you.

I’m alone in my room and the only thing I think about is when you were here with me

Our limited time, and everything we could have been

Could have. You left.

And they came back

I decided to end it, you said “ok”

But it wasn’t ok, I am not fine

That is because my love wasn’t a lie.

As naïve as it can sound,

My love for you is a solid ground.

I had given you my heart to protect it

Promised you I wouldn’t hurt myself, but now you are not here

And the bitch is back and I can’t give my heart to anyone else

It’s still yours, but you’re no more mine.

First love innocence is not worth a dime.


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