As I wait for the rain

To wash me clean

I lean on my car

And I start to daydream.


I dream of Jenny

My beautiful wife

How her deep blue eyes

No longer held life


When she came for me

Her teeth were sharp as knives

As I chopped off her head

I started to cry


I'm crying now 

Standing in the rain

The blood washes off

The pain remains


To get to my car

I had to run

Cause the next one to come

Was my 10 year old son


I thought I could do it

After killing so many

But it's another story

When it comes to your family


Now I have to go back

The job isn't done

I know you think it is

But killing zombies aint fun


Would you like to come with me

Or may be go in my sted

It's no easy task

Killing the undead


So go grab your shotgun

And we'll head back to Hell

If you make it back

What a story you'll tell


       THE END



This poem is about: 
My family


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