Whether it is love or friendship I do not know

But you could describe all of the beauty you see in her.

You could describe the "good" with the words of the gods.

You could give me a reason to love her as much as you do.


I know it is different when you think of me.

Whether it is because we are new friends

or because it is only logical for a person to love one other person the way you love her,

or maybe you don't know of my good

because you don't see anything.


And while good is a relative word like almost all words,

you have a definition of good and the rest of the world has the same one

Which means the only reason that you could

have for not being able to describe it

is because you don't see it.


However that didn't stop you from saying it

because somewhere in a place where all of your nonessential thoughts are

you knew that the word 'good'

had and always will have a nice connotation

in your brain and everyone else's.



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