What were my words like,
how did they sound,
and how did they read
before you?

I ought to apologize,
for my maudlin nature.
This calm, that drew you in,
a disguise you will discover.
As you're torn apart
in the eye of the storm.

And so walks the blue flame
leaving only dust and ashes
in it's deafening wake.

You see, the most frightening thing,
about love and separation,
is when you wake up and realize
you'll have to learn to be alone
before you make it through,
to join hands, more or less alive
on the unknown other side.

And even from all this distance
my heart, grasped in your calloused hand,
used to steer me like a puppet.

Yet I want to belong to you,
in every way humanly possible.
I want to know you, inside out
I want to know your every bone,
and atom, on first name basis.

Where was my voice,
What filled my mind,
and made me tick,
before you?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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