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1. Silent. Keep walking. This is not worth my attention. - 2. I don't have the energy for this. If you're gonna try something, just do it, or leave me alone. -
Loud! Proud!  And under attack,  We don't want victims, This city, It lacks,   Loud! Proud!! We've fought for a name, No way can you bring us all down, To a shame
A minute is slicing my nerves It gives me a pressure along my body's curves Muting my voice down to the silence Betraying me, my gestures are put in defiance  A minute ago I was a human
It’s dark. It’s cold. And I’m alone. It smells of bad ideas and regret. The dust is suffocating me. The clothes tempt me.
Dear Mom, why do you hate me? Is it because of secrets that have come out lately?  That I do not love the same way you do,  Or do not follow religion as if by voodoo?
What if we all walked with our eyes closed? Would we lose our social standards or would we find new ways to call each other ugly? Would our skin tone still be juxtaposed?
When I was a kid, my mom would give me and my sisters coloring books to keep us preoccupied  during Sunday Masses- Jesus themed coloring books, of course. The Catholic kind where you use crayons to 
You tell me I'm too young Too young to date Too young to swear around As if hearing the word fuck would trigger a panic attack As if I don't know what the real world is like
They didn’t tell you that cherry cola was wrong, but they let you know it was.  They said that only the sick minded drank it, declared from a broken and cracked pulpit
You hide behind pages withered with millenia of hatred  Each letter an excuse for you to say "I don't care if they hold hands, Just don't do it front of my kids."
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
I love my mother I love her warmth I love her wit I love her fearlessness and admire her endurance I love the way she loves strangers I love the way she loves me   In adolescence,
Do not push me back into that closet because you're too ashamed of who I am.    Do not "warn" me about anything because you haven't been in my situation nor ever will be.  
Chants of slurs follow people down the streets through the halls in jobs in home. Places supposed to be sacrad and safe Turned against them.   Nobody woke up and asked to be called 'Fag'
You’re usually not that blunt. It’s usually sewn in with threads of: motherhood, divine goal, dating advice, dances, I usually just   don’t exist.  
Hey you. Yeah, I mean you. Mind if I rant to you a bit? I know it’s weird of me to ask this,but I need to rant to anyone at this point.
Oh how joyful would it be… If America stayed true to its promise and everyone was truly free. Oh how joyful would it be… If you weren’t already in jail,
Thou who weeps their tears to form a river of torment, Art thou who know they can live through everything. Thee who shook hands with the demons who lye dormant,   While sinister grins from above emit subtle rings.
The washerwoman turns to me and asks,“Did you hear about Damalis?”Our hands dip into the cool river waters,Cold linen draped along our slipping skin.
uncomfortable hatred casual dislike heart on edge whenever the word is whispered i hear them say it in that hushed tone
america the free, that's what they say i am free, that's what they say you're free they say i am free
Child, You are ignorant. Ignorant to the horrors of our world. Hatred. Evil. Corruption. Destruction. No,
A 16-year-old died last night And he felt no Love Only the Darkness His life consisted of   His mantra to the world Was, "Reveal the truth!" However when it came He sought to delude 
Everyone knows the story of The Little Mermaid right? Young mermaid falls in love with a dashing prince at sea and marries him and they live happily ever after? Wrong. Ariel was not interested in Prince Eric at all,
Girls like her were landmines. She was so beautiful, yet so dangerous to look at Like an eclipse, if you stared too long she'd ruin your eyes. If I stared too long someone would notice
Forbear me- lest I remember The 1500 hour For those less than 16 it was the hour of R&R For me it was the prelude to the dour   Oh minor me!  How you had to give your voice variation
What are things that you can feel, but not touch?
six feet under damn what a bummer all because of their skin what was the color?   black in america, is this even a surprise 
America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave… At least, that’s the lie we tell ourselves, One so fragile a single man kneeling to the ground threatens to shatter it.
Olive Oil Caseena Karim   my grandmother prays to a man pale enough for a public to adore   she tells me,
I tried to list out all the problems in society. But there are so many in this country.   Racists and Rapists run rampant, Some even run for office And they get elected.
Ofcourse America is in good shape... great shape even. I saw him in a hoodie taking a jog one day..he was 6 ft, dark male... um looking suspicious though, so I made
Eyes Eyes that show us the world we live in Eyes that give vivid pictures in our minds Eyes that let us see the wonder Eyes that make up our own experiences
Waving flag; Burning flag Freedom Equality Justice For all Let your voice be heard Protest Disobey
I was told as a kidthat I was born in the best country.The strongest, the bravest,the hero of every story.
  Sometimes it's the little things
For years and years I was filled with fear
When we're little our parents choose our names and our future. They want us to have the perfect job to marry the perfect person and to have children They want the best for us
A year ago, I was not me. But who then, have I come to be? A year ago, I had the same name, voice, and face I wore these same clothes and lived in the same place. I have not gone through catastrophe,
Dear mom, I am sorry for what I have put you through. For not being your ideal daughter. For not fulfilling what is asked of me As a white, American girl.
In this world that we live in, we’re all God’s children But how does it make sense that somehow I’m the exception I’m unique, I’m me, I’m one in a million
"Why is it that we can have an all girls school, but when we have all boys schools,  it's sexist?" Except, No one's said that. And if they have, There are people who find all girls schools sexist.
Senior Year 17 and 18 year old punk kids Who used to be prodigies, geniuses, beyond their years We were told we were so smart
There is a little girl in the universe right now who is learning to not speak.            
I look into the sky,
We walked down the street, but
The human world is a mess, A Disney quote one might know, So many problems we need to address, To end the pain and stop the woe.   There’s isms galore constantly around us,
Outside the window, a woman is beaten upon,
“I like hot people,” Piper says And I cry because I feel
Land of the free Home of the brave As long as you're white And not transgender and certainly not a queer lady.
he's such a fag that's so gay words that you hear everyday they might even be things that you say
I see you looking at me,
I met a friend On the bus Years ago We were two years Apart but that mattered no He was the most Kind person I had met Outside junior High and summer Camp  
We are groups of people made to hate because of who we love not what we stand for. Did no one listen to  your parents? You treat others how you want to be treated not
When I was six I had a pal Some now know'im as The rainbow childW   We spent those years Playing tag Watchin' All That ANd getting laughs   But his name
I “Nothing is set in stone; besides, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t care about your hopes and dreams; my needs matter so much more.”   II
Hispanic women always say I should learn how to cook, because men like that. Not just Hispanic men, but all men.   Big men with swollen arms and clouded heads that like to take it slow.  
I don't like hate. Judgement makes me irate. Racism makes me want to scream. Homophobia makes me angry. I'm sick of people being mean, bullying because of their own insecurities,
So you say 'cause I'm gay I'm to blame For your bullshit Excuse me Allow me to rebut See I'm not blame 'cause ya Can't find a damn job You're strugglin' like everyone
What is a world without transition and change? All the gay lesbians transgender and bi people are not natural they say! But who are they to say what is natural? When homosexuals are found in so many different species?
All I ever wanted Was for my bisexual cousin 2 feel safe Walking with her partner and not worry 'bout some fucktard trying to rape her straight All I ever wanted Was to find love
I would make everyone see that We're all human. We're all the same. Sharing the same planet and co-existing in beautiful diversity  And these things you call  "race" "sexuality" "gender"
They sent their kids to get an education But what they got was a nasty situation They thought their kids would be laweyers and doctors They never thought they'd be victims and martyrs   Welcome to hell
See a boy grow up with bruises on his back ‘Cause he can’t change how he’s born
In 2013people are still slavesslaves to the patriarchy black boys getting friskedinnocentjust on the streetand they call it"pre-emptive"
The bed creaks.  
Scarlet Letter , a message to the masses There's a killer in our sheets, so rap it up before you catch it Or check it up before you pass it , no exceptions To the slash list, so please avoid, the dash, on that
Homelessness, anarchy, terrorism This is reality. Wars, drugs, abortions This is reality. Global warming, corruption, debt This is reality. AIDS, alcohol, smoking This is reality.
I live in a world of black and white Bu I’m all color. From my skin, to my hair, To my eyes, Even my insides. I’m full blown color But they paint me black. They paint me white.
I am the homosexual A human much like the other Yet a monster of identity For my humanity is real But my beliefs hiss in the face of society Why! Simple The hammer of justice
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