in today's world


In 2013
people are still slaves
slaves to the patriarchy

black boys getting frisked
just on the street
and they call it

trayvon had skittles in his hoodie
he had the power
and not of a gun

I can't speak
much more about that
for I don't know
but I see

in today's world?

race makes you guilty

women are getting cat-called
and excuse the men behind it

women can't make decisions
about their bodies
and what they can do

and when they stand
for 13 hours straight
their words are ignored

in this world?

gender makes you silent 

"love is love"
is the cry
but people don't understand
A is not for Ally 

why "same love"
highlights how people just ignore
the oppression
and the violence
just to get to where we are 

why comparing
our tears
and sweat
and blood
to a faceless woman
is offensive to us

in this world?

sexuality makes you invisible 

and I stare out the window
and wait for the day
I can be

and seen


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