Not Today

I tried to list out all the problems in society.

But there are so many in this country.


Racists and Rapists run rampant,

Some even run for office

And they get elected.

A group of men tell women what to do with their bodies,

Some of them don't understand how the female body even works.

Gay people are being sent to Straight Camps 

Being put through torture because of who they like,

Because people out there honestly believe sexuality is a choice.

Trans people are being threatened when they pee in the right bathroom,

Because bigots think that trans people aren't real.

Black people are being killed by the very people meant to protect us all,

And they rarely get the justice they deserve

Because why believe they were innocent, even when all evidence points to that,

When you could just believe what the cop says.

Muslims can't board planes without getting 'randomly' checked by security,

All because one group of Muslims attacked us, over a decade and a half ago.

Because, if one apple is bad, then aren't they all? 


It goes on and on, examples of the bigotry in this country

All because of ignorance.


If ignorance was truly bliss,

Then why does it cause so much pain?

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My country
Our world
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