Write It!

What are things that you can feel, but not touch?

There are many answersHappinessSadnessAngerFearLoveBut why is love set apart from the rest of the list? Why does love have the ability to hold such a large stigma, a shame, discrimination and humiliation amongst this generationWhy is love the concrete of hatred and why is it the cause of sickness in this poisoned nationThere's a gap here in AmericaThe thin gap of unity and dissension is weakening and widening from the blows of loathing brains, dripping with what I can only describe as the true ecstasy that comes with ignoranceThere are many problems in AmericaGod forbid I (Don't be scared) hold my girlfriends handThis is normal(They're staring) This is love.(Write it!) We're not trying to turn your children gay(I'm scared)We're not trying to piss off the homophobes(Let go)Let go!

This poem is about: 
My country


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