Found Company in Distance

Day one






Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else

“Baby’d” if you may



Middle school

Why church? Still will attend to make mom and dad happy. Because I love you

Higher education? I’ll get there. Right?

Straight… ? Yes. But what if she was lesbian? Not me. Never. Please God.



I disagree. I choose not to go. I still love you. Mom and Dad, am I not good enough?

Classmates driving, parents aiding college applications. Mom Dad, how do I do this? Help?

Bisexual. God still loves me though. Right?



God or someone created our universe. Spread love and give back to earth and its people. Sorry mom and dad. 

Apartment searching. Not for myself. My Parents.

Bixsexual. Proud.


The three biggest changes in my life: religion, dependency, sexuality. 

The three biggest changes in my life: intertwined


Proud bisexuality rattles in safe for which cannot be opened unto thieves.

“Its a phase” “Satanic” “You are no longer my Daughter”

Such key awaits a lonesome state where hate grieves


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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