Fried Rice


Hispanic women always say I should learn how to cook,

because men like that. Not just Hispanic men,

but all men.


Big men with swollen arms and clouded heads that

like to take it slow.


Smart men with thin legs and too much weed that they know what to do with

who give it to you nice and hard.


Apparently they all want the same thing.

A good cook, a nice curve to her ass and lips that look better

below the belt.


I hear it’s supposed to be worth it.


If I become a good cook then I won’t have to work. I’ll get to stay home with

a baby I’m too young for and I’ll get the car on





He’s supposed to make me forget your lips.

Not your lips, no, but her lips. Her lips on

mine, over hers.

I’m not sure which “he”. But when I learn to cook he will

make me see how good it feels.


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