A 16-Year-old Died Last Night

A 16-year-old died last night

And he felt no Love

Only the Darkness

His life consisted of


His mantra to the world

Was, "Reveal the truth!"

However when it came

He sought to delude 


Himself- for the Truth

Would bring his Philosophy's end

With his world ever changing

His life and hope this Philosophy depend


His Philosophy contained Holes

Holes that could never be plugged

Rendering his Philosophy hogwash to wary souls

Holes that taught destruction disguised as love


His Benefactors biologically

Were his Malefactors in reality

For their Darkness poisoned their well-intent

What they resent-with their will unbent

He was thus left spent


His Morbidity that danced through his mind like Tina Turner at 69

Was the result of abuse in action and word

With his dignity attacked- with other resources lacked

With the iteration in harangues of sissy and fag

His Truth was untold, unloved, unheard


Rather it was punished; patroled

Like in the days of old 

Before Stonewall and the counter revolution

Before the Civil Rights Movement found a solution


And so his suicide was a success

Shrouded in the Darkness

He and his parents made

And now I have a story to disseminate 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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