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2020 is about to end, this is the last day of the year.During the last 366 days, there has been much fear.Many people have suffered because of Covid-19.People have perished but now we have a vaccine.
Did you forget last January? Memories fade like time But time returns, it finds you making merry While already planning to be new again next year
What perfect means to me Is no perfection at all. It means that you are clumsy, You are loud, You are quiet, You are graceful. It means that you are awkward, You are simple,
I look myself in the mirror and I see a "tall lonely depressed girl." Well, not really. My friends see that. They don't see all of the struggles that I go through.
A terrible year That’s the least you could say With every doctors that looked at me with sadness To the words that suddenly came out “You have cancer”
A year is the blink of an eye That sheds a tear, That makes things clear. A lot can change, And stay the same.   As the eye opens And sees the light What once was a blur
3, 6, 5, The amount of days it took to reclaim myself. To fall in love, Discover my future, And be true to myself.   This journey is larger than any mountain, Wider than any sea,
In one year of agingI grow to be seniorthis status is not mentalI still have so far,to go. So far,have I comegreat distances traveledgreater obstacles climbedand the greatest people met. I follow otherslike waters to the moonsthe deepest ripples f
A year ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.A year ago, I found out I was moving from North Carolina to Illinois.  
365 days unless it's leap year 8,760 hours unless time stops 525,600 minutes. How many do we use? How many do we waste?   What is a year? Is it the seasons that pass?
2016 was gone so fast, I couldn't believe it was in the past. In the beginning school had me feeling blue, Especially because I had to stay past two. Graduation day came and it was a big deal,
My hair is getting blown in the wind as I pedal over rocks and dirtThis trail is bumpier than I had heardBut this doesn't stop meAnd I choose to pedal fasterAnd all around, leaves shed from their branches above meAs all of my struggles and bad mem
Each chime of the dying bell Nudge us closer to Dust from whence we came. Out of the depth of our soul Freedom songs resonates.
january, noah's funeral. february, this shouldn't have happened. march, it's all my fault. april, i should have talked to him more. may, take a deep breath.  june, i miss him.
Dear Past Me,  Believe me, life can be such a rollercoaster  ride.   There are times when you don't know when to give up, or if you should keep pursuing the road that's less taken.  
do you know how exhausting it was to rebuild what he had broke? the walls that he so violently tore down? the fire within me that he slowly extinguished? the shelter that left me stripped raw and helpless?
"Boston" A song By Augustana Ten years old, But only relatable for one.   "Oh it has begun" The new year, The pressure For the future. I needed A direction.  
Mother and Father did you see me grow? Did you see me when I got into a fight with my friends? Did you see me when I found out my classmates died? Did you see me struggling to wake up and put on a smile?
Dear I Was, Childhood ended Adulthood is still far away   But still a Teen   Life was a bully back then
2016 was 366 days of dreaming, of learning, of reflecting, of growing myself into the person I long to be.   2016 was 366 days of laughter, of ideas,
I am not the same girl I was yesterday.      There are so many events that have paved the way.
A latent prick of fearstarted at the root of my head.
If you had asked me a year ago A simple question, nothing out of the ordinary I would have had to say “Fine. I’m fine. I’ll be fine, just give me some time.”  
wrestling with an impression of myself,confidence scant and creativity diluted,I found solace in the arms of a soldier who decidedmy dreams encompassed all the world-just not the war he was fighting. 
It’s complicated really, How I used to define the word complicated. A year ago if you asked me what I wanted,
Three, two, one... I dive straight in, and I hear the commotion and clouds of confetti, I come up in a new year.   Seat belt, please - Anxiety, nervousness,
The attention span of a teenager is no more than 20 minutes But I sit in my 90 minute English class Sitting in my bland grey, uncomfortable chair I hear my teacher say
First Two Tries Third Failing Attempt Four Trials of Flames Fifth Error Yet Rises Above Six Six Six was the Luck
This year,  love has so many more meanings than the last. Love takes up more of the space in which emptiness lived until now. This year, love can be definable, or not.
2016 wasn't a rollercoaster, or a carousel, or a blind leap off of a cliff like they everyone says. This year was an ocean. The year I was born, we started the drive.
 As the year began, I switched from the food industry to cleaning house I also became pregnant and got married to a wonderful spouse I have seen uncovered food blasted all over in the microwave
      The Loss of a friend is a difficult battle The Ride with me on a single saddle Was there to introduce me as a senior
Three-sixty-fourHas knocked this time With Three-sixty-fiveStill close behind.The day begins
The year passes by, just like any other Though we may have our regrets There is much that can be learned Much that can be looked back on As something that added to our character One way or another
One day  the truth hit me, I was becoming an adult. Scared of everything, wasting time, failing, and that one day my struggle would yield no fruit. That was yesterday's me.  
If 2016 was a roller coaster, It would probably be the rockiest one yet A year filled with ups and many downs Filled with failures that turned into lessons
From moving houses within the same area To doing internships with wonderful people A year can feel like quite an era When you are busy with workloads quite lethal   2016 was a year of change
I have looked into the abyss Stood rooted in fear Paralyzed, my next move unclear Withheld myself from ever finding bliss
I never really understood life This constant process looking for a drive Not taking in what was achieved  But looking at the future and old please  I learned that life is a game Some people more constrained 
Snowflakes spinning 'round as I reflect upon my year New adventures from going far, And losing those whom I hold dear Pain blooms forward But that is not the only coloring of the rose
Becoming Me, Becoming Free, The road is a passageway of being independent and being me. The freedom of life is what gets me inside,  The street lights attack my eyes, 
What have I done in twenty sixteen? I had the uneventful birthday of nineteen. I didn’t believe what the upperclassmen were trying to sell
January I am so excited for The snow to fall again The anticipation of New Years Resolutions Somehow I always fail Spring time April means Leaves are growing Flowers are blooming
A valuable year soars by, Opportunities and experience it provides. Yet a greedy year glides by, Toxic relationships and people it hides.  
Years go by as they always do Some go fast, others slow, But never a year taken so long As this year's past. Changes occur as they always do. Some welcome, some not. Haircuts and new friends,
A year in my life, Filled with struggles and strife. And no lyrical incantation, To properly exaplain my situation. So I'll say with a fife, There is boredom in my life.
I drink, I drone, My future unknown. Coffee helps with the moan, And early morning foam. To college I’ve shown, Myself a new home, Though to graduate alone, Brings itself a sad tone.
Over the course of time, These twelve months in this last year, I've had some obstacles to climb And I have conquered some of my fear.   In this year gone past, I've gone through quite a lot.
Twenty Sixteen sucked. I complain with my friends "wow this year sucks" Because it's the year I realized we're all small and so out of luck   Deaths and chaos
This Time Last Year Abi Oxley This time last year, I wouldn’t recognize myself I was so young, so naïve This year, life is so much different
This past year has made me more of who I want to be I am more confident in my own skin I have become more open with people I find myself doing the things that make me a better person
Years are measured; Not by the days, but by the time that takes up the days. Time is measured; Not by a clock,
A year is an illusion Not tangible,not real, not alive Yet it is the realest thing we have Decade after decade, years progress Never altered,never mended, never gone
In one year's time I have learned much about the world around me and I will continue to learn more about this colossal world of ours.  Learning never ends!
That Septembernight.   I didn't know my life would change.I went out to have fun. I didn't think I'd meet someone who'd define my year.   That Octoberday.  
I had looked forward to this year Ignorant of what was to come Why did it have to start with tears Life was lachrymose, very glum
Highschool. New dudes, new chicks. New classes, new cliques. New teacher, new book. thats freshman year, now lets tke another look. Highschool. Another teacher, algebra 2.
*Crunch* The leaves go under me. Leaves of vivid colors fall beside me.
Never free at times Sometimes is just fine for some Times confine us here
Snow to sleet, and sleet to snow Trudging softly to and fro. Waiting for the golden glare Always hidden, never there.   Sweetly “singing in the rain” Quite a lie, to my disdain.
Every year; You'll grow one year older. You'll be more mature; And you'll be much bolder.   There is a special time; In every person's life; To experience something new;
Three famous words of Shakespeare   I've spent thirteen years of my life in school I think I'm ready for another 4 plus.   I saw the heartbreaks; the failures; the successes
The four years seem to flash right before your eyes, Goosebumps appear as you tread down the empty hall the last time. You feel as if ants are crawling in your stomach, Every one going separate ways to college.
Having traveled these halls many times I arrive, now, at the final chapter So that I may finally make my path And walk toward life on my own. Since fate holds that I can not stay, I will leave you all behind
It’s the end of senior year Time for laughter, time for cheer So many memories in these halls Teachers, students, windowless classroom walls Freshman year, just starting out
I walk up to the front of the classroom and hand in my final exam and walk out. I walk through the dirt parking lot, a brown pit of muck from yesterday’s rain, for the last time this semester.
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