What is a year?

365 days unless it's leap year

8,760 hours unless time stops

525,600 minutes.

How many do we use?

How many do we waste?


What is a year?

Is it the seasons that pass?

The sun rising and setting?

That midterm paper you forgot how to write?

Or is it the application you didn't send in?


The tears that spread like a wildfire

covering your pillow with darkness from your makeup

as you wish everything would stop.

The feeling when you ran to your mother

on graduation day.


The sting of disappointment 

when you made a mistake

and couldn't fix it.

The relief you felt

when you recieved forgiveness.


The wonderlust that seeps in your veins

as you make up plans to travel 

that you don't know if you'll keep.

The silent sound of your heart breaking

when you realize you can't take home with you.


The laughter on a Saturday night

when your friends somehow 

make the world seem less bleak.

The longing to hold onto them

when you realize they won't be here forever.


A year, what is a year?

A year is this.

A year is love and laughter and peace

A year is pain and longing and grief

A year is lessons that we forgot to preach


A year is a page in the story of your life

That began a year before you were born

during a page in the story of your parents lives.

525,600 minutes. How many do we use?

How many do we waste?

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