Years go by as they always do

Some go fast, others slow,

But never a year taken so long

As this year's past.

Changes occur as they always do.

Some welcome, some not.

Haircuts and new friends,

Goodbyes and Hellos.

Changes make life fun,

And challenge me to grow.

Whether cutting ties

With people who never cared

Or starting new with those who do,

Changes matter big or small,

Without them, I could be anyone at all.

Changes sure do cost,

But without change,

I would be lost.

Change has let me grow.

Change has let me be me.

Change has let this past year be great.

Change has let me let go of hate.

Last year I was sad, 

But now, I am glad.

I have made it many years,

Some rough, some bad.

Change still let me be me.

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