The Ride

If 2016 was a roller coaster,

It would probably be the rockiest one yet

A year filled with ups and many downs

Filled with failures that turned into lessons

Filled with tears and depression

When I first hopped onto this roller I was a confused and didn’t know what to expect

Will it drop the moment it start

Or will it go up a hill making me anxious on what’s next

When I first got on I thought I knew everything and my plans would never fail...

Now, I am on the last turn with more knowledge

Who knew that I could learn so much politics and laws in one ride

Who knew that I could become more humane in one ride

Become more humble in one ride…

This has been the longest and toughest ride yet.

When will it end?

And how will it end?

What will be next?

The ride slowly turns the corner

2017 here I come.


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