Mother and Father, See Me

Mother and Father did you see me grow?

Did you see me when I got into a fight with my friends?

Did you see me when I found out my classmates died?

Did you see me struggling to wake up and put on a smile?

Did you see me after a 16 hour week?

Did you see me when I was writing 10 essays for scholarships?

Did you see me call colleges to figure out what I need to do to get in?

Did you see me on the phone until 4am  talking to my friend who needed someone to talk to?

Did you see me cry when I beame stressed with everything?

Did you see me volunteer to be on a commitee for NHS?

Did you see my friends telling me I'm too hard on myself,

I told them I would be fine because that is what you two would do.

Did you see me wonder in class if I could really compete with the other students to be in an honors program?

Did you see me studying after work until bed and again at 5am?

You saw me when I was asleep instead of mopping the bathroom.

You saw me when I got a C on a test.

You saw me when I was at my friend's house.

You saw me when my deadlines were close.

You saw me when I walked out the door smiling.

Mother and father,

did you see me grow up?





This poem is about: 
My family


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