I Was, But Now

Dear I Was,

Childhood ended

Adulthood is still far away


But still a Teen


Life was a bully back then

Pushed you down

Sorrow was common back then

Discouragements crown

But those days are over and you have grown up

But still a Teen


Remember that moment

Remember that time

There was a lot of those

They weren’t hard to find

That joke was funny

That dance was cool

That test was evil

And so was school

But now you're older and you have moved on

So see you later


I Was


Dear I Am


Childhood is missed

Adulthood is feared


And still a Teen


Life moved in with me

never lets me sleep

Sorrow works with me

Never lets me dream

But I must go on and push forward

Because I’m a Teen

I can’t remember the answer

I always forget the time

Plenty of vending machines

They aren’t hard to find

That joke is overdone

I look like a fool

That test was evil

And so is school

But now you have experienced the first steps to stardom

Experienced the first steps towards hollywood

And you brain explodes with artistry and film pieces

You have a new set of eyes

You have a new set of cries

You have a new set of lives
Dream Big

Hold love

Bring Joy

Your movies will inspire

Your vision will acquire

Your actions will be admired

And you will hold on and move forward

Because now you're an adult

Good luck I Am,


Me, Myself, and I

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