I never really understood life

This constant process looking for a drive

Not taking in what was achieved 

But looking at the future and old please 

I learned that life is a game

Some people more constrained 

Others given the upper hand 

Something I will never understand 


We are all thrown into the same reality 

But put into different categories 

All expected to succeed in their path 

Despite the oppertunities some lack

A difficult Life they have to contract

Before time begins to attack


I never really paid attention 

How we're growing older without intention 

I see my age through the wrinkles 

Of others, formed in singles 

Then I look at the younger 

Seeing how I've become tougher 

Realizing I used to be that age 

Mature but still naive stage 


Every day begins a new chapter

Hopefully leading to a happily ever after

From one year alone

I have grown


From the pain of losing a loved one 

Unimaginable that they're gone


To seeing another get attacked

By the cells in their own body being side tracked 

To seeing another immobile 

Not able to be verbal

The struggles with the societal basis 

Leading to too much perspicacious

With the economical struggles of poverty

Not wanting to be recognized as charity


Two immigrants that exemplify education

Unemployed, misfortune 

Gaining two new roles 

Trying to obtain money so I can still have a home

With my loving guardians

Leading to the danger behind the curtains

The fear of being homeless

A life no one will ever choose this


To the new romantic flourishing 

Desiring the need for another to be nurturing

But it led to heart break 

A nightmare, I will never wake 

Friendships slowly drifting 

Trying to catch them, nothing

Slipping through the cracks of my fingers

Life continues to linger



Struggles of the mentally ill 

Medicating with multiple pills

Everyday a battle 

Sometimes too much to handle

When looking at every category

Comes a sad story


But some grow up privileged

An intangible image

For the person looking back at me in the mirror

Trying to look for something that makes everything clear

Struggles are given with no choice in receiving

Sometimes the thought can be deceiving


But as I look at my very own wrinkles beginning to form

A stage between the past and future, sanity torn

Each Winkel presents many stories

Many battles, many worries

But at the end of the day, these become minor

Each wrinkle represents getting wiser


Growing in this everlasting storm

From one year or more

I have began to grow

Into someone I can now control 

With new insight

More willful to fight 


Aging ten years into one 

Slowly time is gone 

And strength stays 

Every misfortune, a lesson it Portrays

 Some deal with more 

Even the privileged lose control 


But you grow as a person

Continuing the life, nervous

An undefined future 

The reason we are put into torture

Everything states a reason

Even if it will never be obvious


We live our days to day lives

Inside our own heads, desiring other ties

We sit in silence 

Searching for guidance 

In the mirror in ahead

Not recognizing reflection, someone else instead 


A tornado crashing through 

I have changed, that's true

Not the same person from years ago

Not the same person from just a year ago

Not the same person from yesterday 

Each event, growth is portrayed 

Each wrinkle has a reason 

A battle that it has beaten 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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