Did you forget last January?

Memories fade like time

But time returns, it finds you making merry

While already planning to be new again next year


Don’t you miss February?

Lonely, peaceful

Chilly mornings spent in dreary

Silence watching the last snowfall.


What did you lose in March?

Sitting, dully watching passerby

Even strangers whisper about your search

For those things left by heroes past and gone


How could you not love April?

That first taste of spring

Cleansing the pallet of living perils

Like showers wash dead leaves into the gutter.



What of the warmth of June?

It ripped everything from you

Leaving one last song

And one full moon


What’s wrong with July?

You can’t escape from the heat

Or the hate

Or the lies

Curling up in the corner to die.



How much time wasted in August?

Making note of every thought

With paper and pen

Just to have it turn to dust

Lost in end-of-summer bonfires.


What happened in September?

Leaves turn like the tables

And something inside of you,


Put back together all wrong.


You went somewhere else in October.

Blowing about like dried out foliage

Finding solitude in the cold and sober

Whispers on the wind.


Can you remember the song of November?

A lilting music always in the back of your mind

Waking lost embers,

Things you wanted to hide.


Will you finally live in December?

Snowflakes land on your lashes

Warm sunlight kisses your damp cheeks

As you can’t help but remember

The little things life’s still holding out of reach.

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