My Year

A year ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.
A year ago, I found out I was moving from North Carolina to Illinois.


Eleven months ago, I started therapy.
Eleven months ago, I was in denial about the seriousness of my mom's illness.


Ten months ago, my mom was committed to a Hospice Home.
Ten months ago, I had to fight to stay near my mom for two more months.


Nine months ago, I kept busy to keep myself together.
Nine months ago, I visited my mom weekly.


Eight months ago, I performed in a musical that made my mom cry tears of pride.
Eight months ago, I moved to Chicago.


Seven months ago, I went to North Carolina for Spring Break.
Seven months ago, I saw my mom for the last time.


Six months ago, my mom died.
Six months ago, I went to North Carolina on my mom's birthday to mourn her death.


Five months ago, I begun community service.
Five months ago, I felt numb.


Four months ago, I spent my days bouncing between fitness and volunteer work.
Four months ago, I started my senior year without my mom.


Three months ago, I turned seventeen without my mom.
Three months ago, I truly began to mourn.


Two months ago, I stayed busy with my school work, college applications, and after school activities.
Two months ago, I overworked myself to avoid my true emotions.


One month ago, I began distancing myself from everyone and absorbing myself in a combination of work and social network to escape reality.
One month ago, I became depressed.


This year has been the most impactful yet. I watched my mother slowly deteriorate until she just disappeared. I moved into a whole different community and had to try to find where I belong. 
Even though this year has been hard, everything that has happened has only made me stronger. My resilience will overcome this.


Let's hope for better years to come.

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My family


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