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Pennies  - for MLK    I am a privileged white woman My wishes dreams efforts Standing up against racism  Shouting their names
  say my ancestors name and youll hear they chains  they lived for me the died for me  i live for them i breathe for them  malcoms my heart , my rock  an martin deserves it 
  When I was younger, I would dream of sleeping on cotton candy clouds while the breeze kissed my hair and fulfilled its duty of safekeeping
Dr. King stood for more than just a line of a speech That the white lense takes away the rest of So now I preach King was a revolutionary much like the rest
It’s 4 PM here in Georgia, And I’m enjoying time with my friends We’re studying and laughing together, As we enjoy diversity through our peaceful lens.  
Long Live the King by Christian Betancourt   God Bless the soul of Martin More than just any ordinary man Perhaps braver and bolder Much more in touch with his convictions
I am Emmett Till. I was beaten to death, so how dare you go through everyday life complaining that it's "pure hell". I'd rather be locked up in a jail cell. Or sitting in a classroom not knowing how to spell.
Like Martin King Luther Jr. I had a dream for us the people to be equal as one
I too had a dream that one day we would stop all the violence in the streets and keep the peace
Let us arise swiftly Let our movements be done Abruptly  Like the wind  So that they may never catch us Us, We who lay in the shadows  Hiding in the darkness for we know no fear
It is made of bricks this Wall in the middle of our silences
I have a dream, A dream where young black men won’t be on the streets pushin’. I have a dream, A dream where young black women won’t be on the streets pushin’, A stroller that is. See she is 20 years old,
Bold Dark presenceWreaks its havocAmongst the people,Poison’d human Morality,Degraded by Brutality,Guarded from Equality,Caged by harmful Mentality.
Adversity what does that word even mean Does anyone know? I think the last man to feel it
We live in this world together I can’t run from you And you can’t run from me There is a limited space of land & sea No matter where you go "We are connected in an inescapable network of mutuality
In honor of MLK day, I wrote this poem.  He had a dream for us, and now it is our turn to make his dream a reality.  R.I.P. to MLK and his queen, Coretta...this poem is for you...  
I am an African, an African taken from my homeland and  brought into a place where I am known as being "inferior" Why was this happening? Do I not shed blood and cry as any other
My brother Make your legacy live in history The past of segregation lingers onto our present communities, And its comedy is somehow becoming our young brothers and sisters you see..
Fought with words. Did not want Black VS White, But Black AND White. Woke the shy voices from the back seats. Never would be trampled on again. Knew that day is equal to night,
  How   How can you pull the trigger, take a life, and walk away? Knowing this person made away, save generations.   African American male. Strong built.
Asians can't drive, and Mexicans make trouble. You will get shot by a black man who will rob your home and steal your vehicle. All Mexican immigrants are illegal. Asians can't speak English to save their pathetic little lives.
Cloudy, but no rain. Overcast Externally. The internal, much different. In the midst of a storm, their earth was quaking Images of a dynamic dream and whispers of, "this too shall pass."
BOOM! Goes the sound of a bus backfiring As it leaves a stop with no passengers Once again The bus driver silently laments to himself And hopes the boycott will be over.
He says he's replacing the Confederate Flag on his desktop With a picture of Me. I proceed to wonder if I should explain the irony of this, Or let him roll over comfortably in his quilted ignorance.
A critical strike— Locusts swarm Baghdad. Hands on general watch point north; We know the hour.
We who believe in freedom still can't rest, Cause we who believe in freedom can not rest until it comes.
To have humility is to think less Of ourselves ‘cause we are God’s creation Red, yellow, black, white, tell that to the press For the races received much damnation. Injustice is still there we need prayers
Here we are Here we stand We are living out God's own plan We are the children of the dream I don't need another new year to start a change I am a change
One man willing to stand up for his rights, one woman willing to fight, A man who has a dream for equality in the nation, The woman on the bus encountering frustration,
The long and painful march stopped by the batons and dogs, Some attempted to flee, while others struggled brutally, Jim Crows counts his days; be hanged by the rope of justice,
One man had a dream That dream asked us to put our preducies behind us That one dream asked every person, balck or white to join hands and look past the obvious differences
The hands that wrote that letter Sitting in that cell from Birmingham jail The hands that reached out and pushed against the ceiling of hate As it began to rise and slowly started to fall
They say this is the home of the brave and land of the free But it shouldn't take them 8 years just to hear our dream. There was never a throne, but there was a King. Proving Uncle Sam isn't as fair as he seems.
August 23rd, 1963 Sweat dripping on the late summer afternoon 250,000 people of all color United, as one Witnessing the new beginning Walking together Without facebook, and internet
I come from Sobbing sirens & broken traffic lights. Hangings in the daylight, Hooded figures breaking Bones, Bodies, Blacks.
Martin Luther King had a dream For his people to be freed To be able to walk into any place And be looked at beyond just race It wasn't easy but it was worth the chase Setting the groundwork for every other race
Those eyes we see We walk down the isle All I can have is a simple smile I know all the hostility we create It does no matter I still have her All LGBTYQ We All Love You.
“I have a dream,” he says. Dreams of justice, of children—both black and white—hand in hand, playing, dreams of freedom ringing through valleys and from mountaintops. Freedom. Where will he start?
Holding hands is not an easy thing to do. It’s nerve-racking for the timid, and even more so for the different.
He had a dream, a never ending dream. This dream was an concept to cure the diease of the heart, not the skin This diease of heart made people see colors, instead of characters.
Do you see what I see? When is ee this reflection looking back at me. I see a soul yourning for equality cause in reality, I'm more than who you thought I'd be. See my ancesters paved the way so I could lead.
(poems gThey were treated unequal, Because they looked different. They were made no space To live together in their world They weren't equal enough, and were hurled To live in the slums
Do You Remember, When Martin Luther King Jr said he had a dream to be considered equal to white people? I Did once too. Do you remember, When Rosa Parks said No, when she was riding on the bus?
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