We Live In This World Together


We live in this world together

I can’t run from you

And you can’t run from me

There is a limited space of land & sea

No matter where you go

"We are connected in an inescapable network of mutuality

Tied into a single garment of destiny"

Oh, you capitalist materialist hegemon

You’re testing me

You say leave me alone with my flat screen TV

I mean come on

But I’m not going to leave you alone

Your actions & ignorance is going to kill this world

And guess who is going to save you

Not that Iphone

But the people that share your home

This world

Don’t fall into the comfort of false consciousness

Come with us & unfurl

Unfurl your wings and fly to the sky

We together can get there if we realize

That you cannot thrive

When you dehumanize

"Peace & goodwill to all people can no longer be a pious utopian dream"

It should be a prominent theme

That we all should beam toward

So let us move forward


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