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(poems gThey were treated unequal,
Because they looked different.
They were made no space
To live together in their world
They weren't equal enough, and were hurled
To live in the slums
And be afraid when the white man comes.
They were seen as inferior,
By a force that claimed to be superior.
If only they were able to see through skin
Because their existence is a blessing, not sin.
Our bones, our muscles, our hearts are all the same
Yet they saw them as a species they wanted to tame.
We can all work, think and function,
But because of their skin they made assumptions,
And believed they wouldn't amount to anything great.
They thought they couldn't create
Yet a man had a vision of change, it was his fate,
He had courage, and his voice was his best trait.
His name was Martin Luther King
And created a revolution through the Ideas he would bring
Into the light so we all can see what is just
He made it easier for the superiors to trust.
His ideas, his dreams , and his mind
Had removed the darkness and opened the blinds
Yet there were those who evil and grim
They took him out, assassinated him
He was gone, but his dream would engrave,
“That all men are created equal” In the hearts of all the brave.
And it was enough to make the change
To get all cultures together and exchange
A peaceful handshake instead of a fist,
And live in a world where we can all coexist.
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