The Darkness


Let us arise swiftly

Let our movements be done


Like the wind 

So that they may never catch us


We who lay in the shadows 

Hiding in the darkness

for we know no fear

therefore they are


afraid of what they

cannot see,  but they can 

hear our cries 

and feel our pain 


they do nothing 

it is not because 

they cannot see us

it is because they choose not to

they turn away a blind eye

to the darkness

Oh, how I wish that the 

sun would once more dance upon my

cheek, that I might rejoice again

But alas until then,

I am darkness

and I cannot escape

I tell them 'Don't be discouraged,'

for i have found the Light 

for which you so deeply yearn for

it is within the 

very depths of our soul

and while they 

cannot see

I am glad 

because I have opened 

the light

the light in me. 


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