We are all MLK

Sun, 04/12/2015 - 01:20 -- Calp

I overheard some kids at school;
"We need another MLK" "We need one soon" 
"We need one now." 
Fifty years later and how many times does your grandad degrade
"Those people." 
Ninety years later and how times are we told to 
"Go back to the kitchen" or asked "But what were you wearing?" 
How many years to go until we don't hear 
"God loves you, but not who you love." 

We are all hellbent on changing society with some 
Hashtags don't stop the hate that is happening.

We are all tired of fighting for the rights we were born to have.

We don't need another MLK. Don't wait for someone to step up.
Pick up your feet. 


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My country
Our world


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