"A Tribute to You, Dr. King"

It’s 4 PM here in Georgia,

And I’m enjoying time with my friends

We’re studying and laughing together,

As we enjoy diversity through our peaceful lens.


You see, we’re from all backgrounds

Black, Arabian, White, and Hispanic

But we treat each other with dignity and respect

And our togetherness never spirals into panic


But in your time it was different

Not everyone was treated with glee

Hatred ran amok in your surroundings

And staying alive required a fee


History’s told me about your work

And I must say I admire what you did

You struggled to equalize groups of people

As of minorities oppressors tried to get rid


On buses, in the streets

Even in restaurant seats

People of color were united

As wrongs they endured were righted


Dogs, hoses, and batons faced them

As your group marched across Pettus Bridge

But they chanted “We shall overcome”

Though every hit was tough as a fridge


But perseverance was the key

The key to their success

As your dream stayed in their minds

Like baby birds in their nest


The journey of our race was a long one

It lasted for many years

‘64 and ‘5 ended with triumph

On the backs of thousands of tears


Though the decade of rock and roll was great

It’s 9th year was tragic

As you fell at a Memphis motel

Shot by a man trying to end the magic


The scene of your end was sad

It sparked turmoil all throughout the land

But it only adds to your legacy

And how great you were as a man


The magic lives on, of course

In the hearts of those you affected

Generations of color turned to rainbows

As their rights no longer are neglected


There is still much work to do

As our race strives for equality still

But we can rest assured we shall overcome

Following the example of your strong will


For now, we honor you on this day

The 15th of January Two thousand eighteen

We look to each other with dignity and respect

As your memory continues liberating


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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