Armed With Words


Bold Dark presence
Wreaks its havoc
Amongst the people,
Poison’d human Morality,
Degraded by Brutality,
Guarded from Equality,
Caged by harmful Mentality.

As’one We fight.
Armed with the words of Dr. King Jr.
Equipped with the courage of Alice Paul.
Prepared with the wisdom of Richard Isay
Driven by the inspiration of soldiers.
Granted the humility
To fight hostility,
Without the savagery
that comes with using fists out of angst.

This fight is not limited to black ‘n white
It drives far beyond,
From the man whom lies with man
to the religious beliefs of one t’another
to the xx bein’ labeled weaker than xy
This fight continues for equality
‘Til We as’one are as free as these stanzas.
‘Til Red‘n blue‘n green‘n orange are all one color.
‘Til then, We must speak up, stand up, keep our heads up
And fight with armed brains and hearts.

We push back that dark presence,
And though long way We’ve come,
Opaque, It lingers.
Beneath the sewers it slithers
And comes out by and by to remind us,
This fight isn’t over.


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