I Too Had A DREAM!


I too had a dream that one day we would stop all the violence in the streets and keep the peace

That the young would be educated on where they came from

That the elderly would get to share their wisdom with the minds of the little one

That young African-American adolescent

Would walk across the stage on high school graduation day

And get to move on to college making thier family so proud

That the tears that they held in for so long would spill over like the Niagara Falls

I too had a dream that one day we would no longer see hate in one another's eyes

That racism would become a crime of the state

That the innocent will finally get to speak and dead will get to rest in peace  

That the dreamers and believers

Will get to achieve what only they knew will come true

And that those who doubted them would be the same ones who ends up working for them

That the same dreamers and believers will make a whole new generation

So that we too would know the truth

I too had a dream...


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