Steps of Giants


United States
39° 48' 26.5572" N, 75° 0' 9.7092" W

The long and painful march stopped by the batons and dogs,
Some attempted to flee, while others struggled brutally,
Jim Crows counts his days; be hanged by the rope of justice,
Army desegregation, public school assimilation,
Little Rock Nine, let your darkness shine
A simple civil disobedience from the valiant Rosa Parks,
Manifests into the Montgomery Bus Boycotts
Malcolm shouts, MLK speaks, Freedom Fighters cry,
Judge our honest character, not our skin color,
From illiteracy to the Highest Court,
From Frederick Douglass to Thurgood Marshall,
Many have dreamt, few saw the coming of its reality
From slavery to presidency, who could’ve ever known?
A man from their descendants would conquer the throne
“Separate but equal”: no more,
Equality for all, forever more

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