Who Am I?

I am Emmett Till.
I was beaten to death, so how dare you go through everyday life complaining that it's "pure hell".
I'd rather be locked up in a jail cell.
Or sitting in a classroom not knowing how to spell.
Or laying in a hospital bed listening to people say "Emmett get well"
But I'm not. Instead of just giving me consequences, I was beaten and I was shot.
Who Am I?

I am Amadou Diallo.
See, I was killed a while ago. Back in 1999.
I was shot 19 times by 4 white policeman all because one officer mistakenly accused me of committing a crime
that would've had me locked up in jail for a lifetime...
I pulled out my wallet, and they "thought" it was a gun.
"Please stop! You won!"
After the third shot, I'm already gone.
Please my black people, march on.
Who Am I?

I am Oscar Grant.
Unfortunately I was killed for no apparent reason, and just before that I started to pant.
See this is just history repeating itself.
Ya know, white cops messing with young black men like myself.
But why? What was it that I did?
Please, officer don't talk to me like I'm a f*cking kid.
I'm a man just like you are.
Just cause I'm not white, wearing a badge and driving in a nice car I'm a target?
Who Am I?

I am Trayvon Martin.
I only wanted some candy and some tea.
Somebody please tell me why this creep is following me? Can you just let me be.
I'm yelling out "Help!" - I'm yelling out "Please!"
I bet if I was white you would've let me off with ease.
I'm not perfect, we all make mistakes.
Zimmerman, I hope you know you've caused many heartaches.
My black people, please stay awake.
Who Am I?

I am Mike Brown.
My hands were up, so tell me Darren Wilson, why didn't you put the gun down?
You claimed to be afraid of my size,
And because of this there's been so many sighs, so many people asking "Why?"
And I want to know the same.
Just admit it, you just wanted to point your gun and aim it towards a wise black man.
Black brothers and sisters why not hold one another's hands, and maybe we could all take a stand.
Who Are We?

We all had our own cases, we're more than just black faces in tragic places. We were young, we were strong, we committed no crimes, yet the ones that killed us didn't even get time. But just so you know, you'll never have peace. Wake up world, the one's causing the trouble are the ones we're supposed to call for help....the police

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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